What is Oncology?

Remarkable progress has been made in treatment of cancer and understanding of it in India. With the ability to cure this dreadful condition and to control it in the past few decades, including surgical techniques, radiation therapies and advanced imaging, oncologists can now see what is occurring at cellular levels to facilitate containing the spread of cancer. Success will follow as oncologists are united across geography in their pursuit to help patients overcome the menace of cancer.

What is Oncology?
Oncology is a medical science that deals with Cancer. It is a large set of diseases that pertains to abnormal growth of cells which has the potential to spread to various parts of the body. These rapidly growing cells attack adjoining parts of the body and subsequently affect other organs in the body as well. Neoplasms or malignant tumors are cells of abnormal growth that results in formation of lumps of mass. Approximately 14 million new cases of cancer were reported in 2012 and over the next 20 years it is expected to increase by 70%. In 2012 was 8.2 million cancer-related deaths were recorded.
Oncology Treatments in India and Cost
India is a preferred destination for cancer treatment and procedures. Oncology treatment costs in India are not only affordable but also are a fraction of what you normally pay in the developed countries.
Oncology/Cancer Treatments in India
Oncology treatment in India one of the best patients can get. Cancer surgery in India is not only among the best in the world but is also relatively cheaper when compared to most of the developed countries.
Prostate Cancer Surgery in India
One of the most common dreaded non-skin cancer is Prostate cancer. It is affecting men across around the world regardless of their nationalities. India offers low cost Prostate cancer surgery and yet is the best in quality which includes robotic surgery. Cancer treatments in India include a variety of procedures to deliver pain-free and successful results. Most of the best cancer hospitals and reputed surgeons in India are technically aware and adept of emerging trends. Apart from open surgeries, a variety of treatments now provides High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to treat prostate cancer and minimally invasive surgery alternatives in India. This advanced technique does not need to remove prostate gland in entirety. Instead of which ultrasound beams are passed by robotic arm through rectum to destroy & evaporate all cells of prostate cancer
Liver Cancer
It is the Liver that filters blood continuously and in turn circulates converted nutrients and drugs absorbed from digestion as chemical elements that are ready-to-use. Apart from this the liver also performs numerous functions such as removing chemical wastes from blood stream and toxins. As the blood must essentially pass through the liver, it becomes vulnerable to cancer cells which are often found in the bloodstream.

Pancreatic Cancer
It typically spreads rapidly, and is rarely seen in early stages which is why it is a major cause of cancer death. Symptoms and Signs of disease may not be seen until cancer is in advanced stages. Pancreatic enzymes aid the secretion of hormones that regulate metabolism of sugar digestion and therefore complete surgical removal is almost impossible.
Gallbladder Cancer
Gallbladder Cancer begins in the gallbladder and there are good chances of cure if it is detected in early stages. It is however very difficult to diagnose in early stages as no specific signs or symptoms are produced. Gallbladders are relatively hidden under cover and store bile produced by liver. Thus it makes it really easy for gallbladder cancer to go unnoticed.
Cervical Cancer
Cervix is present at the lower part of the uterus opening into the vagina. The key to successful treatment is early detection and can be diagnosed easily by a Pap and smear test. It is one of the most common types of cancer found worldwide among women. Not all types of HPV cause cervical cancer. However it is caused by a virus named Human Papillomavirus or HPV. This virus spread through sexual contact.
Ovarian Cancer
Starting in the ovary, Cells of Ovarian Cancer have the ability to invade or spread other parts of the body. Warning signals of this include cramps or ongoing pains in back or belly, abnormal vaginal bleeding and bloating, nausea. However, women who have ovulated more during their lifetime are at high risk of Ovarian Cancer. This depends largely upon the stage of cancer. Treatment for Ovarian Cancer includes surgery or chemotherapy.

Bone Cancer
This cancer can begin in any bone of the body and is an uncommon cancer. However, generally Bone Cancers are found to affect long bones of the legs and arms. Various types of bone cancers exist. Certain type of cancers occur primarily among children, while others mostly affect adults.
Oral Cancer
Oral Cancers largely appear as sore or growth in mouth which persists. Most commonly Oral Cancers include cancer of the cheeks, lips, floor of mouth, tongue, hard and soft palate, sinuses & pharynx which can be dangerous if not diagnosed & treated in early stages. Some of the Oral Cancer symptoms include swellings, thickenings, rough spots, bumps, lumps eroded areas on gums, crusts, lips or inside mouth areas, white or speckled patches, Velvety red, pain or tenderness, unexplained bleeding numbness or loss of feeling in mouth or neck areas or face are also possible warning signs.

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