Penile Tumor


It is disease of penis, which is uncommon type of malignant growth that influences the skin and tissues of the penis. It happens when typical solid cells end up destructive and start to develop wild, framing a tumor.

Most normal kinds of penile malignancy

  • Squamous Cell Penile Cancer-This clarifies for over 90% cases and starts in the cells that spread the outside of penis.
  • Carcinoma in Situ-It is a particular kind of squamous cell malignancy where just the cells in the skin of penis are influenced and it hasn’t spread any more profound.
  • Adenocarcinoma-The malignant growth that starts in the glandular cells of the penis that produce sweat.
  • Melanoma of the penis-This is the place the malignant growth creates in the skin cells that give the skin its shading.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Itching.
  • Rash on penis.
  • Pain.
  • Bleeding.
  • Irritation.
  • Change in shading.
  • Growth or sore on penis.
  • Burning.

Reasons for penile malignancy

  • Age-The condition once in a while influences men under age of 40 and is most regular in men matured more than 50.
  • Smoking-Compound found in cigarettes can harm.
  • HIV-HIV positive men have eight-crease expanded danger of creating penile malignant growth than HIV-negative men.
  • Phimosis-When the prepuce is hard to withdraw, possibility of creating diseases like balanitis increment, rehashed contamination may prompt higher danger of building up some sort of penile malignancy as they debilitate the invulnerable framework.


Penile malignant growth is determined to have a biopsy. This is the point at which a little example of tissue is expelled from the penis and took a gander at under a magnifying lens. On the off chance that the cells look like disease cells, they will be “arranged.” The TNM organizing framework is the framework regularly utilized. T represents the principle (essential) tumor (how far it includes become inside the penis or close-by organs). N represents spread to adjacent lymph hubs (bean-sized gatherings of resistant framework cells). M is for metastasis (spread) to different organs.

The cells are likewise given a “grade”. This is a proportion of how unusual the cells look. The evaluation is regularly a number, from 1 to 4. The higher the number, the more irregular the cells look. Higher-grade malignancies will in general develop and spread more rapidly than lower-grade tumors.

In the event that your specialist trusts that malignant growth has spread to close-by lymph hubs, different tests will be finished. A lymph hub biopsy will help decide the malignant growth’s stage and grade. In the event that malignant growth is thought to spread to different pieces of the body, imaging tests, (for example, a CT sweep, or MRI) will be finished.


On the off chance that penile malignancy is discovered early, it very well may be treated with progress and okay. In the event that the tumor is over the skin, it might be treated with a skin cream. This cream has few symptoms. Outside bar radiation is a treatment for little sores.

In the event that the sore is greater, yet about the span of a pea, a little nearby expulsion or “Moh’s medical procedure” should be possible. This is a sort of medical procedure where layers of strange tissue are shaved off until ordinary tissue is come to. Utilizing both of the strategies, the penis would even now look typical and fill in obviously. Be that as it may, watchful follow-up is vital to check for early return. With minor sores, it isn’t plausible that disease has spread to the lymph hubs. Because of this reason, it isn’t fundamental to expel the lymph hubs.

With greater injuries, more tissue must be evacuated. The specialist may likewise consider depleting lymph hubs in the crotch. Blend of medical procedure, radiation, and chemotherapy is required. In situations where the malignant growth is progressively basic, the entire penis may should be separated.


Prognosis can extend observably for patients, contingent upon the scale they have been arranged. Regularly, prior the malignant growth is recognized, the better will be the anticipation. As a rule 5-year survival rate for all phases of penile malignancy is about half.

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