Cosmetic Surgery

What is Cosmetic Surgery?
Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic surgery is the well known type of plastic surgery. It includes types of
,hand surgery,reconstructive surgery treatment for burns and also microsurgery.

Cosmetic Surgery in India
In India, Cosmetic treatments undoubtedly match the global standards in competence and
technology. Off late, there is a rise in the demand by patients coming to India for the procedures
like Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck and Rhinoplasty.
Cosmetic Surgery Costs in India
India is the new hub with well trained and qualified cosmetic surgeons and also for the most cost
effective surgeries

Types of Cosmetic Surgery
Breast Augmentation Surgery / Breast Implant Surgery
Normally breast volume is lost after pregnancy or reduction in weight. Breast Augmentation is
sought after to increase the size of breasts which is done using breast implants or transfer of fat.
This surgery, which is clinically referred as Augmentation Mammoplasty is done for breast reconstruction after mastectomy after breast cancer.

Breast Lift Surgery
In the recent past, Breast Lift surgeries also known as Mastopexy, have. Out numbered breast
implants. It is done by removing excessive skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. Women’s
breast tend to lose shape and firmness due to various factors such as, pregnancy, breastfeeding and
aging. Breast Lift surgery helps in uplifting the sagging breasts and reshaping the breast contour

Breast Reduction & Uplift Surgery
Reduction Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure which helps in reducing the size of large
breasts by removing excessive tissue and skin from the breasts in order to reduce and to reshape
the size of the breasts. It is also possible to resize the nipple-areola region by removing and
repositioning the same. Sometimes if the breasts are composed of only fatty tissues then liposuction
procedure is applied which helps in Breast Reduction. Normally this surgery is done with general
anesthesia which takes around 4-5 hours. But for smaller reductions surgery will be done with local

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Prosthetic material or tissue from other parts of the body is used to rebuild women’s breasts to
reconstruct natural looking breasts. Breast Reconstruction surgery is done using implants and
repositioning of nipple-areola region.Delayed Breast Reconstruction is performed in installment for
patients who are driven by medical co-morbidities. Due to this delay the skin surface area will also
be restored by surgical treatment.

Brow Lift Surgery
Browplasty or Forehead Lift is done to enhance the youthful looks by tightening soft tissues of
forehead and also around the eyebrows and Upper eyelids. Endoscopic Brow Lift procedures are
also practiced to address the issues of sagging brows and rejuvenating the upper part of the face. In
this procedure incisions of different lengths are made in different locations. In recent years people
undergo this surgery as an option to retain their youthful looks

Buttock Augmentation Surgery
In the past decade Butt implants which is also known as Brazilian Butt, has become very popular.
In the Buttock Augmentation procedures, fat grafting is done using the individual’s fatty tissue to
enlarge and reshape the buttocks. For people who feel the buttocks are too small for their body
frame or it is not of the desired shape and would like the buttocks more curvy and for youthful
appearance, Buttock Augmentation procedure is the best option. Butt implant surgery is done to
shape up and firm the sagging and loose buttocks.

Buttock Lift Surgery
Buttock Lift Surgery is entirely different from buttock augmentation surgery, which helps in
increasing the size of the butt. Buttock Lift is a procedure done to cut the extra fat and to firm the
sagging skin that happens due to aging or severe weight loss. Buttock Lift surgeries are also done to
correct flabby thighs and dimpled or crinkled buttocks.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover cosmetic surgery is a post-pregnancy makeover which helps females to shed
excess fat that is accumulated during pregnancy. Liposuction technique known as tummy tuck is
used to remove excess fat from the abdominal area. Breast enhancement procedures using lift and
augmentation surgeries help to get back in shape.

Facelift Surgery
Facelift surgery is done by removing excessive skin from face and neck regions and tightening the
underlying tissues and muscles. This procedure, also known as Rhytidectomy, helps in correcting
marionette lines, jowls, midface sagging and double chin. Facelift surgery removes the wrinkles
caused due to aging and helps restore the young, energetic look.

Hair Transplant
Hair transplantation addresses the male baldness issues. It is a minimally invasive surgical
procedure in which individual’s hair follicles are transplanted from a part of the body to another
part that is bald. Hair transplant is also done for restoring chest and beard hair, eyebrows and
eyelashes and pubic hair.

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction surgery is a popular and safe method to eliminate the diet-resistant fat accumulations
on thighs, hips, butocks, calves, ankles, breasts, love handles, arm, back and neck. Also known as
Lipoplasty or Body contouring surgery, it is ideal in removing the fat deposits that are not
proportional with the rest of one’s physical structure. If you have a good skin elasticity, Liposuction
surgery along with other cosmetic procedures help in getting the desired sleek structure.

Rhinoplasty Surgery
Rhinoplasty Surgery helps in correcting proportions of the nose by rectifying large, wide or
upturned nostrils. Aesthetic facial appearance is obtained by improving and altering the bridge and
the position of the nostrils. Rhinoplasty also helps in correcting a deviated septum. In case of
structural defects in the nose Rhinoplasty corrects the impaired breathing patterns.

Tummy Tuck Surgery
Tummy Tuck is the ideal surgical procedure to flatten your abdomen by removing excessive fat and
skin along with tightening of muscles in abdominal wall. Also known as Abdominoplasty, this is
performed post pregnancy and when the flabby muscles impair the body structure. This also helps
in removing considerable amount of stretch marks along the lower abdomen.

Mini Tummy Tuck
Mini Tummy Tuck is also known as Mini Abdominoplasty. This is mainly done below the button to the
pubic area which tightens loose skin on the lower abdomen unlike the traditional tuck that covers the
entire abdomen. It is largely used on women who undergo C-section and have very little loose skin. A
short, horizontal incision on lower abdomen is made leaving the navel intact.

Neck Lift Surgery
Neck Lift surgery is a surgical procedure done to remove excess fat which is one of the cause of aging in
the neck and jaw line areas. Other reasons for losing the youthful look in the neck region are heredity,
stress and sometimes environmental conditions. Neck Lift also known as Rhytidectomy helps in
correcting the abnormal size and shape of the neck caused by muscle banding. Other procedures such as
brow lift and eyelid surgery are done to match the neck area with upper facial appearance.

Otoplasty procedure is done to correct both internal and external ear defects. Deformities such as
unnatural proportions and shape, torn earlobes are corrected through this procedure. Otopasty is done only
on an adult-sized ear. Hence it is not performed on children below 6 years of age. Otoplasty is the best
method to correct Congenital ear deformities which often leads to medical conditions like hemifacial

microsomia and Treacher Collins syndrome.
Penile Implant Surgery
Penile implants are used in men with Erectile dysfunction that cannot be improved by other form of
treatments. In case of men with Peyronie’s disease Penile implants are used to reconstruct penis to correct
the curved erections. Inflatable and malleable penile implants are the two types of devices that are
surgically implanted within the penile erection chambers. With this implant the penis will always be semi
rigid. To initiate erect position during sex it has to be lifted and adjusted. Most recommended are the
Hydraulic inflatable prosthesis which is natural and helps them to have erections at will.

This reconstructive procedure is done for men with missing penis due to congenital or other reasons and
for women with gender dysphoria. Hence Phalloplasty helps in constructing a functional penis.
Procedures like penile implant surgery, vaginectom, glansplasty, urethroplasty and scrotoplasty comes
under Gender Reassignment Phalloplasty. Graft tissues taken from donor sites like leg, abdomen, groin,
back, hip or arm are usually used to reconstruct the penis.

Scar Revision Surgery
Scar Revision Surgery helps to dissolve visible signs that remain after a wound has been healed over a
period of time. Often at times after a injury or any other surgery , disfiguring scars develop due to poor
healing of the wound. Even though these scars cannot be erased completely Scar Revision surgery can
make them consistent with surrounding skin tone and texture. Sometimes wounds that heal well may also
leave an unpredictable scar. These scars become quite obvious due to their size, location, colour and
texture from surrounding healthy tissues. With advanced techniques these scars are treated with
minimally invasive procedures. Sometimes it is possible to treat these scars with simple topical treatments
like bioCorneum+.

Vaginal Rejuvenation
This is a reconstructive plastic and cosmetic surgery of the vulvo-vaginal complex that aims to firming up
and reshaping tissue of this region. In order to tighten the inner walls of vagina and improve the
appearance and restore youth, Labioplasty and Vaginoplasty procedures are performed. Sometimes
chronic labial irritation is caused due to tight clothing, sex and physical activities like sports. Surgical
intervention is needed to get respite from this condition. Though it may take some time for sensation to
return, Post Vaginal Rejuvenation coitus is allowed after a week.

Bilateral Mastectomy
Mastectomy is a surgical procedure where in either one or both the breasts are removed completely or
partially. This surgery is done under general anesthesia. Breast tissues, nipples and lymph nodes are
removed so as to reduce the risk of cancer. It is normally performed under general anesthesia. If required,
other forms of treatment such as radiation treatment may be advised by the doctors. This may be followed
by a breast reconstruction surgery.

Body Lift Surgery
Body Lift surgery is done to reshape the whole body structure. This is a surgical procedure which is done
under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Excess fat will lead to terrible appearance and posture.
Body parts such as buttocks, breasts and stomach will be affected by sudden weight loss that leads to
imperfect body shape. Surgeons make bikini pattern incisions on the body and the entire contour is
improved with liposuction procedures.

Breast Implant Replacement (Reconstruction)
For people who have undergone Mastectomy due to breast cancer the next step is Breast Implant
Replacement or Reconstruction surgery. General anesthesia is employed for this procedure. Surgeons
place the implants under the breast by making an incision and will stitch it back with water soluble
sutures and surgical tape. To give breasts a complete look normally saline-filled implants are used which
are safer and easier to replace.

Full Face & Neck Thermage
Face and Neck Thermage is a procedure that helps in removing jowls and saggy skin, wrinkles in the face
and neck areas and also tightens the skin. This procedure doesn’t require any surgical incisions or
injections and hence the result obtained is very fast and noticeable. Dermis will be gently heated up by the
radio frequency energy which improves the skin texture, enhances the facial contours and also makes the
skin stronger. This procedure is very safe as there are no side effects other than redness and little swelling
which lasts for few minutes only.