Are You At The Risk Of Bankart Lesion- Top 5 Hospitals In Bangalore Which Are Most Trusted For Bankart Surgery

bankart surgeryOur shoulder is composed of a ball and socket arrangement that allows rotating our arm. In a healthy person, the ball will be at the center in a shallow socket and at a stable position with the reinforcement provided by the glenoid labrum. Sudden damage caused to the shoulder may tear your glenoid labrum below the center of the socket and this is called Bankart Lesion or Bankart Fracture. Depending on the severity of the condition, bankart surgery is prescribed by the doctors.

List of top hospitals in Bangalore for bankart surgery:

1. Apollo Hospital, Jayanagar –  Book Appointment

2. Sparsh Hospital –                  Book Appointment

3. Manipal Hospital –                  Book Appointment

4. Sakra Hospital –                    Book Appointment

5. HOSMAT Hospital –                Book Appointment

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