Spine Surgery

What is Spine Surgery?

Spine  or Spinal cord  or backbone is one  the most important portion of human physical anatomy . Spine is the pillar of the body. It is the most active , engaged  and utilized part of an individual’s body. There are numerous aspects  that slowly and  steadily affect the spine; normal activities like walking  & sitting  start to create structural changes and  gaps in the vertebrae of the spinal column. If  the issues  are  diagnosed at an early stage  then it can be treated by using mere medications at low cost and with physical therapy .

However some of the issues  that are major may  require a spine surgery.

Low cost Spine Surgery in India

India is a preferred destination for specialist procedures in Spine Surgery. Cost are not only  affordable or low but are also just a fraction of what one normally spends in the western or any other developed countries. It is no wonder that India is one of the most favored global health care destinations for Spine Surgery today owing to high-tech medical solutions to a large variety of healthcare problems, .

Spinal Cord Treatments in India

Top spine surgeons in India are experts in minimally invasive Spine Surgery with less tissue damage can come as an ideal respite in most spinal conditions and  using very small incisions with little muscle retraction . Many surgeries can now be performed under local anesthesia owing to targeted treatment of pathology.While preventing complications associated with high risk of  prolonged bed rest and anesthesia , patients are now able get back to normal work routine much faster. Post surgery pain is also relatively less with far less probability of failed back syndrome. Spinal cord injury treatments in India can give best treatments to a variety of spine related medical conditions and  are affordable.

Surgeries Available  for Spine Treatment In India

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Less Invasive Spine Surgery is another name for (MISS ) Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery . In this procedure specialized instruments are used through small incisions to have access to operating sites in spine. MISS also allows surgeons to focus view at problematic area. Some of the other advantages are shorter stays in hospitals and reduced  bleeding with smaller incisions that translating into an faster recovery time. However, in some neck & back  problems cannot yet be effectively cure with procedures that are  minimally invasive .

Laser Spine Surgery

Generally Surgeons performing Laser Spine Surgery remove the source of nerve sensitivity  and  pain by cutting-off ends and reducing the size of disks between vertebrae. People who are suffering from this would go to any length to eliminate or reduce discomfort. Instead of going under the knife most  

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