Nuss Procedure Pectus Excavatum in India


Nuss Procedure Pectus Excavatum in India

Some people have a sunken chest. This is because the Sternum and Rib cage do not grow normally.

A surgical procedure used to correct this is called the Nuss Procedure. It is usually carried out by CardioThoracic Surgeons. More recently Plastic Surgeons seem to perform this surgery. Some times a Cardithoracic surgeon and a Plastic surgeon may do this together.

This is a Minimally invasive procedure originally used in children. It is now used in teens and Adults in thier twenties.

Nuss Procedure uses the technique of pushing in concave steel bars under the sternum. It is then flipped to push outward on the sternum. This corrects the deformity. The steel bars are left in there for a 2-5 years.

The patient will need another surgery to have the steel bars removed.

Nuss Procedure can be done in India and costs a lot lower compared to some other countries.

Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatable In Bangalore

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Is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatable In Bangalore

Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs in men for various reasons. Like most other medical conditions this too is addressed by professionals.Many times doctors prescribe medication for ED and is usually treated by a Urologist.
There are also suggested natural remedies with apparently varied results from usage. SurgeryXchange DOES NOT endorse any alternate therapies and is a platform for medical interventions only. In Bangalore Erectile Dysfunction is done by RENEW hospital with affordable cost Having said that, there have been requests for ED1000 shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. We have therefore partnered with a provider of ED1000 schockwavetherapy and is now made available to the users of SurgeryXchange. We are clear that this is a facilitation process and helping with costs for such treatment without endorsing the efficacy or the results of this treatments claimed by the therapy.

Partner’s statement in quotes:
“Drug-free solution for erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy is for the those who are suffering form sexual problems and erectile function. ED1000 shock wave therapy is one of the most effective solutions in the market which brings long lasting improvement for erectile function and sexual health without any pain or medication and patient can take this treatment without disturbing his daily routine.

It’s gives significant improvement in sexual preference.
Trigger the body’s natural repair mechanism.
Enables natural erectile mechanism”.

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How Surgery Might Help You To Overcome Migraine?

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How Surgery Might Help You To Overcome Migraine?

Migraines has always triggered the pain with the compression and irritation of vital nerves in your face and head. These triggers may be chronic, depends on the lifestyle you are living with always working in computers and operating in mobile phones keeping your always active without any rest which may gives pressures to the nerves behind your eyes and the result is chronic headache, or may be the result of changes that take place over time. Surgically soothing the pressure on compressed nerves may minimize the pressures and free the muscles or even eliminate them altogether.

Here are three areas generally considered to be likely trigger points. Each has a specific surgical procedure to treat the pressure and irritation.

1. Frontal headaches (starting above the eyebrows) may be due to the irritation of the supratrochlear and suborbital nerves in the glabellar area. The surgeon endoscopically detaches the corrugator and depressor supercilii muscles through a small incision.

2. Rhinogenic or nasal headaches (behind the eyes), may be cured with a septoplasty surgery.

3. Occipital headaches (originating in the back of the neck) may be caused when the greater occipital nerve is effected or a pain is generated by the semispinalis capitis muscle. During surgery the muscle is removed and the nerve is soothed from further irritation.

How does this work?
Migraine surgery may reduce the irritation and compression of trigger nerves, either by working on the tissue surrounding the nerves by resecting or by blocking the pain signals which are sensitive nerves.