Do you know really need a prostate-surgery

Imagine the need to use the bathroom every 30 minutes of your day, or feeling that the bladder is full, even right after urinating! These are symptoms of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or Prostatic Gland Enlargement, which occurs when the enlarged prostate squeezes down the urethra and can block the flow of urine out of […]

Is your doctor qualified to conduct surgery?

Technology is considered to be the driving force behind a lot of innovation in healthcare. While the use of technology by doctors is definitely an encouraging sign, should you be worried if the surgeon whom we all trust, relies on YouTube videos to perform surgery? Yes, you heard that right! Recently, news surfaced that a South Carolina […]

Joint Replacement Surgery in India

When your knee hip or shoulder pain is unbearable and medicines and physical therapy no longer of any help, there is an option. Option to have joint replacement surgery. The decision to opt for joint replacement surgery should regarded with outmost seriousness, and post consultation with your physician. Before going into the operating room,several tests […]