There is a lot for your heart to take on!

There is a lot for your heart to take on!

If you heart is taking less then, you might consider this. A pacemaker prevents your heart from beating too slowly. it is an electronic device that continuously monitors the heart rhythm. It is divided into two sections a generator (battery and electronic microchip) and one or more insulated electrodes. The battery is usually placed under the skin under the collarbone on one or other side of the body and the electrodes travel through a nearby vein into the appropriate part of the heart that needs stimulation via electrical impulses transmitted by the electrodes. This makes your heart, beat consistently and the battery lasts an average of eight to seven years.

Benefits of pacemaker implantation.

An implantable pacemaker relieves symptoms of a slow, irregular heart rhythm. It does this by restoring normal heart rates. A normal heart rate provides your body with an exactly correct amount of blood circulation.
The potential benefits of a pacemaker include conventional heart rhythm and improved quality of life. Physicians recommend pacemakers for patients in diverge degrees of cardiac distress.

Risks of permanent pacemaker implantation.

There is a 2% chance of one or more of the following occurring during implantation

Blood clots in veins
Collapsed lung
With a remote possibility of heart attack, stroke or death
Lead detachment


A pacemaker may be recommended to make sure that the heartbeat does not slow to a dangerously low rate.

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