Do you wonder how Cristiano Ronaldo stays so fit and lean?

How Cristiano Ronaldo stays so fit and lean?

Ronaldo loves to get up early and begin his day with a team practice session that lasts for about 3-4 hours. This includes football drills, squats, sprinting, body weight exercise, weight training and a small team game. His master skill sets comes from the hard work he does like doing the extra mile and lifts weights 5 days a week. His lifting routine primarily focuses on enhancing strength, power, speed, and explosion. Just to be fit you just have to sprint for 15 to 20 minutes daily at early mornings which automatically boosts your metabolism and burns unwanted excess fat. you don’t have to lift heavy weights.

His Nutrition plans.

Ronaldo sets a perfect example of an athlete whose physique shows us that we don’t need to follow a low carb diet to stay lean. Ronaldo consumes a high carb diet which includes whole-grain pasta, cereals, potatoes, and fruits. Of course, he gives all those carbohydrates a reason to be utilized. Ronaldo also eats a lot of eggs, chicken, and fish for protein in his diet. His supplement stack includes whey protein.

If you want to be fit and aesthetically look like him then you can never have one because its not about the motivation you get by watching workout videos from YouTube and start thinking of getting one it’s all about the self motivation, time, dedication and commitment you put in which makes you to be fit and motivated. If you admire him then get your self motivation and start doing.

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