Best Food To Have This Summer

best summer food

Summer Food

With the rise on temperature, the blazing sun has the potential to drain us out completely. By overlooking this, we are setting our bodies at greater risk. Several feel desiccated during summer season and suffering low energy level is another symptom of being hit by it.

Therefore, it is essential to take extra maintenance during the hot season. From right intake to certain lifestyle changes, to beat the harmful effects of summer. Here are some foods listed that you should definitely add to your diet to fight against the hot climate effects.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon, a periodic summer fruit comes every season. It contains 91.45 percent water, which aids in fulfilling your body’s water requirement. Also, loaded with anti-oxidants properties, watermelon gives you a wonderful cooling effect.

  1. Cucumber

Full of fibre, eating cucumber in summers helps you in digestion. It also contains high amount of water content. So, take this crispier food to stay cool in the hot weather.

  1. Curd

Curd is not only delightful but also helps in cooling the body. You can have curd in different variants too. Make spicy buttermilk, or sweet lassi or raita and can eat it with your food.

  1. Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best summer drink. This is available easily and is full of necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Research shows that drinking coconut water daily also protect against cancer.

  1. Mint

This low-cost herb is effortlessly available at all vegetable vendors. You can add mint in curd or in any other food/drinks which will give you added benefits. You can also make mint chutney. It not only keeps the body temperature cool but also gives a refreshing effect.

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables have high amount of water content. Remember, avoid over-cooking these vegetables as it could cause loss of water content in them.

  1. Onions

You will be surprised to know that onions offer cooling properties. Eating them raw may ruin your taste, hence mix it with lemon and salt and prepare salads. Another way to eat onion is by adding it in your vegetables, curries and raita. The red onions have quercetin, which is known as natural anti-allergen. Adding onions to your daily diet helps in defending against sun-stroke.

  1. Melons

It comes with high amount of water content, that’s why it is good to eat during summer. They helps to stay hydrated and gives a refreshing effect.

  1. Lime Water

Lime water, also known as nimboo pani which is another refreshing drink for summer. You can have sweet lime water, can add salt, a pinch of cumin powder to it to enhance its flavor.

  1. Bottle gourd

It contains 96 percent of water content. The consumption of bottle gourd juice act as a hydrating agent and also helps in treating diarrhea and constipation.

  1. Radish

It is rich in water content, vitamin C and is very good antioxidant which helps in lowering body temperature. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which is useful for fighting heat strokes.

  1. Sugarcane Juice

This is a must in summers. It is full of vitamins and help you fight heat.

  1. Bitter Gourd

It is enriched with vitamins A,K,C,B2,B3 and magnesium. It strengthens immunity, reduces blood sugar level.

  1. Green Beans

It is highly nutritious and hydrating as well. It can be bubbled, steamed, curried according to your choice. An exceptional source of vitamin K, manganese, fibre and vitamin C. It is also enriched with antioxidants, flavonoids and facilitate fighting high cholesterol levels.

  1. Tomatoes

But eating tomatoes could give you a little extra protection: consuming more lycopene, may protect your skin from sunburn.

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