What you know about Bow Legs?

Bow Legs

It is a condition in which the legs curve outwards at an angle when the child’s feet is together. The child is born with bowlegs due to their folded position in womb, so the condition is normal in infants.


If the bow legs do not gets straight when the child starts walking, that may cause more problems such as-

  • Rickets- bone growth problem caused due to lack of vitamin D or calcium.
  • Blount’s disease- bone growth disorder in shinbone.
  • Fracture that do not heal properly.
  • Bone do not develop normally.


  • If bow legs continue for after 3 years of age.
  • Bowing is symmetrical.
  • Knees which do not touch when standing with feet and ankles together.


The bowing should improve as the child grows.  There are some braces or special shoes which are tried to treat the condition. If this does not help then surgery is recommended.


If the bowlegs does not go away and is not treated will lead to arthritis in the knees or hips over time.

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