How often do you check your magic box!

A part of your body where your stomach is located is often called as magic box do you think why it is called as magic box, because it has an complicated mechanism which is hard to understand. if you are not maintaining a healthy diet then you might end up facing medical challenges like a gastrointestinal stromal tumor which is called (GIST) is a type of tumor that appears in the gastrointestinal tract, in most of the cases found in stomach or small intestine. The tumors are thought to develop from specialized cells found in the gastrointestinal tract which is known as interstitial cells of Cajal. Most minor Gastrointestinal stromal tumors will need to be diagnosed as earliest as possible. But for some very small tumors that are not causing any symptoms, they are mainly found on stomach and according to the research of gastro surgeons across world only 6% of cases have diagnosed in esophagus, one option may be just to watch the tumor carefully with endoscopy once or twice a year. If it is not growing then you are good to go and have a piece of cake.

Surgery is the go to option for most small tumors. The need for further treatment depends on the risk of the GIST recurring back after surgery. Tumors that are small and are not growing quickly typically have a low risk of coming back, so often no further treatment is needed, but medication of Pantoprazole capsules is needed. The risk of a GIST recurring back after surgery is higher if the tumor is immense, if it did not start in the stomach, or if the cancer cells are dividing quickly then it is growing rapidly. If the doctor has an opinion that the cancer has an intermediate or high risk of coming back based on these aspects, adjuvant treatment with the targeted drug imatinib is recommended by doctors for 3 years.Tumors that are immense or in places that make them harder to eliminate completely might require more extensive surgery, which could cause health problems like bleeding, blood vomiting, weight loss, digestion problem and low hemoglobin count.

Prior to the treatment, it’s important to be sure that the tumor is in fact a GIST, so a biopsy is a must. Once a biopsy is done, to shrink the tumor targeted Imatinib procedure should be followed and should be continued until the tumor stops shrinking.If the tumor is diminished enough, surgery might be done if the doctor thinks he or she can eliminate it safely. Imatinib will likely be continued after surgery to help lower the chance of recurrence. as you can understand why it is called as magic box because it is so precise in keeping your body safe and organized, to be more clear it is also intelligent to manage several tasks like consuming food to digesting it and transferring it to your blood vessels and heart, providing the energy and stamina which is needed. So keeping your magic box safe must be your priority.

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