Nuss Procedure Pectus Excavatum in India

Some people have a sunken chest. This is because the Sternum and Rib cage do not grow normally.

A surgical procedure used to correct this is called the Nuss Procedure. It is usually carried out by Cardio-thoracic Surgeons. More recently Plastic Surgeons seem to perform this surgery. Some times a Cardiothoracic surgeon and a Plastic surgeon may do this together.

This is a Minimally invasive procedure originally used in children. It is now used in teens and Adults in their twenties.

Nuss Procedure uses the technique of pushing in concave steel bars under the sternum. It is then flipped to push outward on the sternum. This corrects the deformity. The steel bars are left in there for a 2-5 years.

The patient will need another surgery to have the steel bars removed.

Nuss Procedure can be done in India and costs a lot lower compared to some other countries.

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