What is it all about?

As straightforward as you’d think this is, to correctly answer this question we first have to elaborate what a “hymen” is.Fundamentally, the hymen is a membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina. For some women, the specifics can get a little bit tricky as there is no correct or standard size and there are also few women who are born without a hymen.If there has been a rupture, what hymenoplasty surgery does is it helps in allowing the hymen to be restored back to the intact state. Just like in its initial state.What are the benefits?Many people get it done to restore the sense of Virginity. Whatever is the reason, the benefits are to restore the hymen if you want it back.

What Are Your Options?

If restoration of the hymen is something that you’re really interested, you may log on to the SurgeryXchange platform, click on the link Get SurgeryQuote for Hymenoplasty surgery in India. There would be three specific procedures you may be asked to choose from: Basic stitching of hymen that was recently torn.A more extensive procedure that creates a new hymen altogether from the lining of the vagina.This has comparatively a longer recovery period than other methods although it does include an authentic blood supply.Typically a procedure performed days ahead of the wedding night and there’s the option of creating a bloodless membrane without or with the addition of artificial blood.Chances are that you’ll be selecting any one of the latter two procedures from the hospitals in India with best options that match your needs

What Can You Expect?


Once you log on to the SurgeryXchange platform and raise a hymenoplasty surgery request, from your perspective, everything starts with the initial private and confidential consultation. During the consultation, SurgeryXchange network Hospital in India and their doctors will be in touch with you.You will be informed of your best options and the doctor will work with you to ensure that you’re choosing the best option for your surgery in India.


If you are local to India, you will be in touch with our doctors on the platform. If you are not from India and decide to come to India for hymenoplasty surgery through SurgeryXchange you’re in good hands from the word go. You’ll be placed under anesthesia to make sure that you remain painless from start to the finish Once doctor feels you’re ready, he or she will most likely use lasers to perform the procedure.


The good news for women who have busy schedules to manage is that this is a day surgery. Which means is that you don’t have to spend the night at the clinicOnce you are through your surgery we will coordinate the logistics back to your home town/city.The hospital on our network would be available for any of your queries post procedure. You may also reach to us through any of our instant messenger, or help line listed on the SurgeryXchange website.

Hymenoplasty cost in India

Once you put in a request on SurgeryXchange platform, we will get back with best options for your request including cost that is not only affordable but also lower in cost compared to other developed countries. Currently the services are available in Bangalore and we would get you the cost of hymenoplasty in Bangalore.

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