Is a complicated pregnancy the end of the road?

Kim Kardashian has been in the news the past few weeks. She’s been very vocal about her desire to have a third child. However, there have been ongoing debates in the media, should she have another child? Is it safe to have another child after a high-risk pregnancy?
For those who came in late, Kim underwent a harrowing time at her previous pregnancy. She was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia, a condition marked by a sudden increase in the blood pressure of a pregnant woman and delivered prematurely at 34 weeks. To add to that, she was also diagnosed with a Placenta Accreta, a condition where the placenta grows so deeply into the uterus that it cannot be separated after delivery. Read
We’ve been flooded with inquiries by prospective mothers, can a high-risk pregnancy lead to difficulties in future pregnancies? What should women who have had a miscarriage, an abortion or a complicated pregnancy expect in their next attempt to motherhood?
The SurgeryXchange experts advise that women who have recently confirmed that they are pregnant and those who are planning to start a family must undergo a risk evaluation. These risk factors can determine the outcome of your next pregnancy. So, what are these risk factors?
Age of the mother: If you are 35 years old and older, then you are classified as a high-risk pregnancy. Similarly, young teenage mothers whose bodies are yet not ready for motherhood are also considered high risk.
Lifestyle choices: Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and other recreational drugs can create a risk
Previous Obstetric History: A previously complicated pregnancy, a previous Caesarean Section can also impact the current pregnancy
Existing medical conditions: Pre-existing diseases and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and epilepsy also increase pregnancy risks.
Pregnancy complications: Conditions such as pre-eclampsia (which Kim Kardashian was diagnosed with, Eclampsia, a severe form of pre-eclampsia which may lead to seizures, Multiple pregnancies i.e. pregnancy with twins, triplets or more are definitely marked as high risk.
Do you recognize any of these risk factors? Relax, timely identification of these risk factors is the first step. Under the guidance of a qualified doctor, even the most complicated pregnancies can have successful outcomes. In addition, your Obstetrician ensures that sure you undergo a complete check-up and answer any other apprehensions you may have.
While Kim might have access to the best doctors, do you feel confused about who is the right doctor for you? Head to SurgeryXchange and book an appointment with our experts who will guide you through your journey.

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