5 reasons to say robotic prostate surgery is better compared to traditional surgery

Robotic surgery has been rapidly adopted by hospitals all over the world for use in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. In traditional open surgery, a surgeon operates by cut opening the skin, which is now replaced by robotically assisted laparoscopy, with a surgeon operating a robotic system that performs the surgery through smaller and fewer incisions.

In Robotic prostate surgery, the surgeon will sit with a controlling panel in an operation room from where he controls four robotic arms which has full 360 – degree rotation capabilities. A keyhole sized incision is made to insert a video camera that provides a magnified, 3 – D image of a site. This detailed view helps the surgeon to see the nerve bundles and muscles surrounding the prostate.

Robotic prostate surgery offers quite a few benefits when compared to open type.

  1. Less pain
  2. Less blood loss
  3. Fewer incision and no open cuts
  4. Precise work
  5. Quick recovery
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