Sleeve Gastrectomy

What is the sleeve gastrectomy?

The sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss procedure that removes a segment of the stomach and controls the amount of food that can be consumed. Like other metabolic surgeries, it also encourages weight loss by modifying hormonal signals between the liver, stomach, and brain to initiate a lower set point.

How does the sleeve gastrectomy work?

stomach's uppermost part is removed in a maximum percentage except for a small sleeve-shaped pouch. It can hold 1 ½ to 5 ounces which is about the size of a banana.Patients are unable to consume as much food, fewer calories are soaked up into the body, and the hormonal signals between the stomach and the brain are different as compared earlier.Generally, patients will feel that they have lost the weight and improved results in metabolic syndrome and overall health and fitness.

What are the health benefits of the sleeve gastrectomy?

1. Clinical studies show that patients experience a variety of benefits after surgery1. An average of 66% excess weight loss(24)

2. High blood pressure resolved

3. Significant improvements in high blood pressure, joint pain, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnea

4. Increased physical activity, self-confidence, well-being, productivity and economic opportunities

5. Minimally invasive procedure leads to shorter hospital stays and recovery time

6. Obstructive sleep apnea resolved

7. Over 70% saw improvement or remission of type 2 diabetes

8. High blood pressure resolved

9. High cholesterol improved

10. Several patients saw improved or resolved health conditions after the sleeve gastrectomy surgery

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