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Pathologic droopy eyelid which is also called as ptosis may occur due to many factors like age, trauma or various medical disorders. It is called as unilateral ptosis when it affects only one eye. It is called bilateral ptosis if both eyes are affected. It may or may not be permanent. If it is present by birth, then it is known as congenital ptosis, or if it is developed later in life, it is known as acquired ptosis. Droopy upper eyelids can permanently block or gently reduce vision depending upon how much it is blocking the pupil. Ptosis can be resolved naturally, but that doesn't mean that you wait for it to cure naturally, instead as soon as you notice it you should immediately visit a doctor and get it checked because ignorance can affect you reversely. There can be many different causes of droopy eyelids, be it natural causes or more serious conditions. Once you visit your doctor you will be able to figure out what’s causing the issue.It occurs mostly in older adults because of their natural aging process. The levator muscle helps us in lifting the eyelid. As you become older, that muscle can stretch and result in the eyelid to fall. Keep in mind that doesn't mean that you cant have this problem, people of all age can have ptosis. Also, rare babies are sometimes born with it.

Symptoms of droopy eyelids are

1)One or both upper eyelids sag(slides down).

2)You may have extremely dry or watery eyes.

3)You notice that your face looks weary or tired.

4)you experience aching.

5)You have to tilt their heads back in order to see at all times when speaking.

There is no way to prevent droopy eyelid or escape from ptosis. As soon as you notice the above-mentioned symptoms immediately rush to the doctor to get it checked in order to prevent it from becoming severe and dangerous. Ignoring it can make you blind.

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