Intra-dural Spinal Surgery

Spinal tumour is quite a dangerous medical condition, which needs immediate care. The spinal tumour comprises of several abnormal tissues near the spinal column and the spinal cord. Spinal tumours can be both suspective and benign. Malignant tumours are dangerous and may lead to cancer.Intra-dural spinal tumours grow within the arachnoid membrane of the spinal cord. Since they are growing inside the bone and they grow inside the spinal cord and often starts growing in the cervical region. due its complex condition spinal surgery cost is higher as compared to other treatments On the other hand, extradural lesions are the reasons for metastatic cancer. Extradural tumours generally spreads through intervertebral foramina, which lie relatively outside of the spinal cord.

Advanatages of intra-dural Spinal Surgery

1. tumors can be safely and effectively removed using minimally invasive techniques.

2. Determine the state of tumor and execute occordingly.

3. identification of tumors.

Spine surgery is conducted to help to reduce pain that may feel due to nerve root pitching. Spine fusion instrumentation is done to offer spinal strenght and firmness.

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