Ileostomy  Surgery

An ileostomy is a surgery in which a hole is made in your abdominal wall. Your surgeon will pass the ileum, which is the lower end of your small intestine, You’ll be given a pouch that you’ll wear externally. This pouch will hold all of your digested food.This procedure is done if your rectum or colon is not functioning properly. If your ileostomy is lasting for a limited period of time, then, part or whole of your colon is removed. For a permanent ileostomy, Bypassing of your rectum, colon, and anus may be done by your surgeon. In this case, you’ll permanently wear an external plastic pouch to hold your unwanted products.Reasons for having an ileostomy medication are not working for large intestine problems, you might need an ileostomy. an ileostomy is caused due to inflammatory bowel disease. The two types of inflammatory bowel disease are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Other problems that might require an ileostomy include

Intestinal birth defects

Injuries or accidents that involve the intestinesrectal or colon cancer

Hirschprung’s disease

An inherited condition called familial polyposis, in which polyps form in the rectum

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