Double Valve Replacement

A double valve replacement is a replacement of two types of valves one is mitral and the other one is aortic valve, or the whole left side of the heart is replaced. This type of surgery is not as common as the others and the mortality rate is slightly higher.

Heart valve surgery repairs a damaged or faulty heart valve. There are two main types of heart valve surgeries: valve repair and valve replacement. Double valve surgery is a surgerywhere two valves are involved. Sometimes a faulty valve can be fixed by cutting away unwanted excess tissue in the cusps of the valve and sewing the edges together. It can be repaired by shortening the cords that act like hinges on the valve. Special rings called ‘prosthetic rings’ or "annuloplasty rings" can also be used to make an enlarged valve marginally short and strengthen the repair. Another method used to widen a narrowed valve is called "balloon valvotomy"

Annuloplasty rings and Balloon valvotomy are two different types of methods which comes under Double Valve Replacement.

Advantage: An advantage of valve repair operations is in most of the surgeries your own valve tissues are used in the repair. If a valve can’t be repaired, it is sometimes removed and substituted with a new valve.

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