CSF Shunt Surgery

A shunt is a hollow tube which is placed in the brain during the procedure (or occasionally in the spine) this helps cerebrospinal fluid to drain and redirect it to another location in the body where it can be soacked up.

Shunt procedures can look after the pressures on the brain caused by hydrocephalus and mitigate its symptoms such as lack of bladder control, gait difficulty and mild dementia.

If the doctor determines that these issues will improve after a lumbar puncture, it may mean that inserting a shunt may be able to provide a longer-term benefit.

How a Shunt Helps

Hydrocephalus symptoms may work good for you within short period of days of shunt surgery, or may take weeks to months to recover and respose properly

Other medical conditions can makle a difference in recovery. If your symptoms are mostly due to normal pressure hydrocephalus as opposed to other conditions, the shunt is likely to help diminish them.

Other patients may develop additional side effects like affect gait and memory (such as some forms of dementia or Parkinson’s disease) that will not answer to drainage from the shunt.

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