Pinealectomy Surgery

When a benign or malignant tumor is removed from the pineal gland such kind of surgical procedure is called an as pinealectomy. The pineal gland is connected the endocrine system that is responsible for producing melatonin, which has a role to play in the body’s circadian rhythm. Pineal tumors create problem in sleeping but also hormone production and other metabolic processes in the body.

Pineal tumors are rare, which is a challenge to the surgery. They are found 2% of all neurosurgeries performed and the majority of cases are found in children 10 years old and below. Usually, childhood pineal tumors are cancerous.

Advantages of Pinealectomy

1. Pinealectomy reduces the size of a tumor

2. chemotherapy and radiation therapy is not required

3. implemented to fully remove the abnormal growth.


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