Coronary Angiography

Coronary angiography is a surgery that takes the help from contrast dye, usually containing iodine, and x ray pictures to detect blockages in the coronary arteries that are resulted by plaque buildup. Blockages arrests your heart from getting oxygen and important nutrients. This surgery is used to determine the coronary heart disease and coronary microvascular disease after chest pain, rapid cardiac arrest, or abnormal results from tests such as an electrocardiogram (EKG) of the heart or an exercise stress test. It is a key factor to detect blockages because over time they can cause chest pain, especially with physical activity or stress. If you are having a heart attack, coronary angiography can help the doctors to plan your treatment.

Benifits of coronary angiography.

1. Helps to avoid an impending surgery.

2. Helps the doctor evaluate the extent and the seriousness of the atherosclerosis.

3. Offers precise results regarding the state of arterial blocks in the heart.

4. Very lucid and detailed images of the blood vessels.

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