Burr Hole Aspiration For Abscess

Burr hole aspiration for abscess is considered as one of the most important neurology treatment, which is performed through an opening in the skull and is completed through drawing out via craniotomy. This type of treatment is lead by CT scanning or ultrasound. This is performed prior to anti-infection treatment for maximized effect. Craniotomy is required in patients who have more complicated abscesses.Brain abscess treatment has a maximum success. Brain abscess treatment which has simple aspiration and craniotomy. Simple aspiration involves a CT scan to determmine the abscess and make a drilling called ‘burr-hole’ so as to draw out the pus. due to its complexity in the process best neurologist will be handing the procedure  A simple aspiration is 1 hour procedure.Removal and open aspiration are executed that uses a surgical procedure known as craniotomy. When an abscess does not react to aspiration, then a craniotomy is suggested.The symptoms of brain abscess include differences in mental growth, minimized movement because of loss of muscle function, changes in vision, fever and vomiting.

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Burr-Hole aspiration for Abscess Procedures

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