Dr. Dr K N Srikanth





Dr Srikanth is a Consultant Joint replacement Surgeon and he has an elective practice which includes Joint replacement, Sports surgery including revision surgery.He is the only Consultant from UK, with FRCS(Eng) Tr & Orth, in Bangalore, doing Computer Assisted Knee/Hip surgery.
The New things he brings to India are
1. State of the art Treatment for all orthopaedic conditions
2. A passion for patient Safety, Accountability and Transparency in Medical practice
3. International standards, Super-specialty treatment in Joint replacement surgery, having done General Medical Council of UK recognized Joint replacement fellowship in the UK.
4. One of the few "Fellowship trained" Revision surgeons in India.
5. Second Hip Arthroscopist in India.
6. One of the few AMIS surgeons in the world with, his hip patients going home in 48 hours after hip replacement.



Published papers:   

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