Dr. Dinesh Kamath





Dr Dinesh Kamath  is an orthopaedic surgeon with over 23 years of experience in his field.


He obtained his primary medical M.B;B.S degree in 1989, from the prestigious Goa Medical College, a  premier govt. medical college , which was also Asia`s first medical school and established by the erstwhile Portuguese rulers during pre- independence era.


Dr Kamath also completed his M.S ( Masters degree ) in orthopaedic surgery from the same institute in January 1992,  after bagging the University Gold Medal in orthopaedics and securing the highest marks among all  medical postgraduate students of the university that year.




Dr Dinesh Kamath is well experienced in treatment of fractures and various complications of fractures.

 He has over two decades of managing fracture patients and revision surgeries related to complicated 

 cases.  During his stint in Goa Medical College, he has also had vast experience in treating a large

number of international patients of various nationalities. Includes adult and paediatric trauma

Treament of sports injuries ….ACL/PCL  arthroscopic  reconstruction  and other arthroscopic procedures

Spine injuries, discectomy, spine pedicle screw fixation, spondylolisthesis surgery

Joint replacements..   hip, knee, shoulder joint replacement surgery.