Dr. Archana Joshi




  • Owns  Joshi  children’s hospital  at Virar  401303 on  periphery of Mumbai.
  •  Has 30 years of experience.
  •  7 research papers published in Indian Pediatrics, Internationally indexed journal.
  •  Has many books on child care for people in 12 Indian languages . They are available free at ww.drhaj.com
  •  Has 1000+ useful videos in Hindi, English, Marathi etc. languages at www.youtube.com/user/drhaj2007
  •  One can learn useful things at facebook page of Dr. Hemant Joshi
  •  Proposed maternity leave of 6 months. Most state, and central government give it.
  •  Worked for Devnagari names on medicines. Most companies put them now. One can ask prescription in Devnagari.