Corporate Offerings

Corporate Offerings

Organizations that extend health Insurance to their employees are certain to benefit from the SurgeryXchange. We are confident we can lower your spend on Insurance as you start using the SurgeryXchange efectively.We bring you bias-free access to the best of NABH accredited hospitals.Our Service team will take care of the entire travel itinerary and logistics that meets your individual budget requirement.

SurgeryXchange is your gateway to making sure you need the surgery. and follow it up with exploring the options for the surgery and also discover price at various hospitals. SurgeryXchange also helps you reduce the cost of surgery. If you are corporate user, you are entitled to use the platform for your entire family.

When to use SurgeryXchange : Oftentimes there is a need to seek medical second opinion for an important medical attention and intervention .Needless to say being sure of the diagnosis and treatment is as important as getting it done Especially when there is a need for :

Non-emergency surgical procedure.
Reconfirmation of a course of treatment.
Treatment to a chronic ailment.
An upcoming major procedure.
  • SurgeryXchange is a first and only surgery exchange platform Augmented by an unbiased, trustworthy and high quality medical second opinion that is convenient and cost effective.

SurgeryXchange is one stop place Online, for diagnostic and consultative medical opinions for convenience and hassle free service.

Key Benefits

Seamless access
Reduction in the insurance premiums paid by the corporates for the employees insurance claims
A trusted platform for seeking second medical opinion for planned medical diagnosis , treatment and surgeries
Help choose best surgery exchange programs that match individuals requirements
Through corporate package , service extended to family members as well
Employees are offered channel to take informed decision from taking medical opinion from competent, transparent and passionate doctors endeavouring for hassle free health care.
Educated Employees of the platform are spared from frustration and hassles of wrong diagnosis and medical interventions such as surgeries.

Fee And Costs

Once you choose to proceed to surgery exchange then SurgeryXchange provides you a comprehensive list of hospitals with their offerings. You can pick and choose offers that best suits your needs.
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How does SurgeryXchange work ?

Empaneled doctors of SurgeryXchange would deliver second opinion based on your medical case.
If you seek further clarity, despite the second opinion, a Trust Board where 3 specialists make an individual assessment, discuss it and deliver a group opinion for the specific case.
Once you choose to go ahead with surgery exchange ater second opinion or board opinion then SurgeryXchange facilitates end to end process of surgery exchange.