Naveen Bannur

Naveen Bannur, is a graduate from BITS Pilani, with over 25 years of experience in managing facets business that impact growth and revenue. Naveen's expertise lies in infusing business strategy with value, driving development and growth.

At SurgeryXchange, is responsible for providing direction and operations governance. Naveen has a vision of providing the best source for affordable, reliable healthcare options for those seeking surgeries augmented by expert medical second opinion. It's his firm belief that SurgeryXchange is a great solution for providers, patients and insurers working toward optimizing the cost of health care and service delivery excellence.

Dr. Santhrupth H.V

Dr.Santhrupth has over 17 years in practicing medicine and Hospital Administration. A graduate of JSS Medical College in Mysore, and Post Graduate from Fr. Muller Medical College, his expertise lies in managing all aspects of the entire healthcare ecosystem. He has worked for a year in King Edward memorial Hospital in Mumbai before taking on as the owner of renowned GGS hospital.

At SurgeryXchange, Dr.Santhrupth brings in his valuable insights from his diverse experience to provide solutions to needs and challenges of patients and health care provider. He is engaging with clinicians, network hospitals, and providers to ensure service delivery excellence.