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Squint also known as Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes of the person are misaligned. In Squint one eye may be looking straight ahead while the other is turned outward, inward, downward or upward. Muscles which are present in your eye controls all the movements of the eye. If the muscle of one eye is stronger than the other, the eye will be turned towards the direction where you have strong muscle, this is how a squint is formed. To treat this, one has to weaken the stronger muscle and Vice Versa.

Easy cases are managed with spectacles, however, the severe or you can also say serious cases require surgery. Children with a squint at a young age should be treated as soon as theSquint is noticed to avoid a permanent decrease in their vision because, after 5 years of age, the surgery only helps straighten the eyes but the vision that is lost cannot be brought back or regained. If a squint that is left unattended or not treated at right time could lead to further complications like blurred double vision, lazy eye. Therefore it is mandatory to get an expert’s opinion immediately.

Symptoms of strabismus may be there all the time or may come and go. Symptoms can include:

1)Crossed eyes. 2)Eyes that do not align in the same direction.3)Double vision. 4)Uncoordinated eye movements (eyes do not move together).5)Loss of vision or depth perception.

Strabismus or squint can develop in adults due to following reasons-:

1)Graves disease.

2)Injury to the eyes.


4)Vision loss from any eye disease or injury.

5)Diabetes (causes a condition known as acquired paralytic

6)Guillain-Barré syndrome.

7)Shellfish poisoning.

8)Traumatic brain injury.

It is really important to consult a doctor as soon as the squint is noticed to avoid loss of vision. Squint has got the treatment but only if it is treated at the right time.

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