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5 foods to avoid high blood pressure

Let just imagine that you are a patient with Hypertension. Since last year you are planning to have a trip to your favorite place/destination, so you saved all the money which was supposed to spent somewhere else, bought the clothes, jotted down the complete itinerary and probably done everything possible to make your trip the perfect one and when the day comes you are all set to fly you see your tickets and realize that the date of travel was one day prior to the day which you have actually planned your trip.

All of a sudden there is sheer blackout in front of your eyes, all the plans which you made, the places you planned to visit, the shopping you did, and the time which you spent all went for a waste, and due to the sudden numbness you started feeling stressed and your body undergoes a lot of pressure. You start taking deeper breaths, your pulse rate goes up. The cause: A very high blood pressure rate. Such things can seriously go off hand and what you can lose is not the vacation but much more.

So if you think that you are one of those who have also been diagnosed with high blood pressure, and want to work in a lifestyle that plays an important role in treating your high blood pressure, Then presenting the 5 basic foods to avoid such high blood pressure

  1. Salt

Salt and sodium are acts as villains when it comes to living with high blood pressure or hypertension. Around 75 percent of the sodium which we eat in a day comes from packaged foods. Some of them are:

  • Packed and preserved Animal Fats.
  • Junk food such as pizza, burger and fries.
  • Canned and packed vegetable juices.

There are many alternatives which are available in the market such as black pepper, cumin, cayenne, garlic, lemon peel, onion powder, oregano, paprika , and rubbed sage which almost feels like salt when used while preparing the food.

  1. Sugar

The lesser you have this the better your chances are to be fit as excessive sugar intake has been linked to increased cases of weight gain and obesity around the world. Sugar has contributed to an increase in high blood pressure is more common in people who are overweight or obesity.

Most of the sugar is used by readymade packed juices. Many of the sports and nutrition drink also have a lot of sugar to keep it preserved for long. Chocolate milk is milk that has been flavored with cocoa and sweetened with sugar and many packed packets of mils also has sugar to it long lasting.

Flavored coffee is a popular trend, but the amount of hidden sugars in these drinks can be staggering. A large flavored coffee and tea are present in the market which has a high volume of sugar in it.

Added sugars aren’t a necessary nutrient in anybody`s diet. Although small amounts are fine through a funnel of natural processes such as fruit and fruit juices, but having a large amount can cause serious harm if eaten in large amounts on a regular basis.

The best way to avoid hidden sugars in your meals is to make them at home so you know exactly what’s in them and how heartily have you prepared the recipe.

Some of the alternative natural sweeteners people should look for can be dates, raw honey, stevia, coconut sugar and pure-organic maple syrup.

  1. Animal Flesh.

Whether prepared at home or eating out, animal meat takes lot of time to burn out and thus requires lot of energy as well. That is why we often feel thirsty when we have such food items because it necessary to digest the fat required by the body and also for storing the excess fat.

They all are real-time villains for creating high blood pressure but they also cause high heart disease due to the cholesterol and Trans fats in animal products . There was a study conducted by a health in the year 2008 in India and the result which was deduced was eye-popping. As almost 70-80 percent of the population were having deduced the probability for hypertension at an early age.

People who consume flesh have a high probability of having stress related and skin related issues as well.

  1. Oily foods

The oil in the food can be the cause of the unhealthy fatty acids and also the lipid level may be extremely high causing a damage to the inner cells of the organs. This is the cause of the high levels of triglycerides and other bad cholesterol levels to rise.

Hypertension is one of the causes that can cause a lot of problems not only in its main organ the heart, but can lead to various other diseases such as diabetes and major health issues as well. Excessive oil in the food that can make you obese, skin acne prone, heat boils prone as well as give up the digestive smooth processing. Due to continuous flow of the fatty substance in the body, the digestion does not take place naturally thus it can lead to severe problems of the stomach such as constipation, loose motions, no nutrient absorption as well as problems of the kidneys and the gallbladder along with hampering the digestive system

Well there are no such substitutes for cooking oil but if you are a serious heath freak person then replacing the edible oil to olive oil or canola oil can be of some benefit.

  1. Alcohol

Many of the effects of alcohol are too well-known, heavy drinking on a regular basis can cause hepatitis and degeneration of liver cells, both of which are very serious. It can increase blood pressure and damage the muscles of the heart.

These are some things that can be reduced in order to have lesser probability of having Hypertension or high blood pressure, but there are lots more which contribute to this.

All said and done, keeping a watch on what you eat is useful if you are dealing with high blood pressure.


Hypertension treatment in bangalore

It’s a busy world. Isn’t it? All of us are working hard to make our life even better day in and out. We wake up, travel to work, work for any number of hours, come back and go to sleep and repeat so that we can reach our goal(s) every day. See what a perfect life we have, relaxed, calm, easy going, and serene. But in the process of our journey of pushing ourselves every day, we slowly see ourselves getting into stress. The days suddenly seem longer, the family is getting less of our time, so we push ourselves harder. This increased stress can lead to what we hear often from Doctors as Hypertension.

What is Hypertension and it’s causes?

Hypertension is often called as the silent killer and rightly so because elevated blood pressure increases the load on the heart.

According to American Heart Association, 1 in 6 people suffer from increased blood pressure and are unaware of it.

Now let’s see what`s blood pressure, so when the blood is pushed inside the heart, the heart pumps the blood throughout the body and the pressure with which it is done or the process takes is called blood pressure. Now hypertension increases the work of the heart as the blood vessels become stiff thus increasing the pressure in the valves. This further causes stroke, Kidney damage, and even heart failure.

Hypertension treatments

What are the symptoms of Hypertension?

Hypertensive patients often do not have symptoms that will alert them to their condition but, headache and dizziness might be some of the causes

An extremely elevated Blood pressure can be associated with warning symptoms and signs such as

  • Moderate to a severe headache, pulsating in nature, often at the back of the head.
  • Fatigue and Tiredness.
  • Impaired vision.
  • Chest pain, especially at exertion.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • An Irregular and loud beating of the heart.
  • Pounding in the chest.

So, how high is too high?

Blood pressure is measured in mm hg means millimeters of mercury.

Over years, various studies have been carried out to identify what should be your optimal systolic and diastolic blood pressures.

Normal: In between 80 to 120 (120/80)

Elevated: In between 120 to 129/less than 80

Level 1 high blood pressure: On between 130 to 139/ (80-89)

Level 2 high blood pressure: little over 140 and above/ (90 and above)

Extreme level Hypertension: higher than 180/higher than 120

When should I see a doctor?

It is important to recognize the warning signs and act if any of the symptoms listed above appear. However, often it is too late by the time the warning signs appear and the persistent increase in Blood Pressure can damage kidneys, heart, eyes, and brain.

However, it is even more important to identify if you are at risk for Hypertension.

Common Risk Factors are

  • Age: the older you are, the higher the chance of developing hypertension. Though, Sadly Age is No Longer a Bar in Today’s Era and Lifestyle.
  • Gender: Young males are more prone to develop elevated pressure until the age of 45. Post 60, women are at a higher risk.
  • Family History: If you have a parent, sibling or close relative who has high blood Pressure then chances are again very high that it may pass to their next generation too.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Irregular physical activity or no physical activity. Sitting, reading, sleeping for a long duration.
  • Unhealthy Diet: Not getting proper carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins supplement in the food or skipping the meals often.
  • Obesity: Abnormal body mass index (BMI) is an independent risk factor to develop hypertension.
  • Lifestyle: Irregular sleep, skipping meals, too much time in front of gadgets.
  • Alcohol or Smoking: Regularly engaging in smoking or drinking can contribute to damage arteries.

If detected early and kept in control, hypertension and its complications are easily manageable and patients can live a normal, symptom-free life.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Changes in the lifestyle can help you control and simultaneously prevent high blood pressure, here’s how:

  • Eat healthy foods: Eat a healthy diet focus more on fruits vegetables, whole grains, poultry, fish and low-fat dairy foods also try to get plenty of potassium, in your diet. Eat less saturated fat and Tran’s fat.
  • Decreasing the salt content: A lower sodium level will help in reducing diabetes or chronic kidney disease.
  • Maintain a proper BMI: Keeping a healthy weight can help you control your high blood pressure and lower your risk of related health problems. Also, it increases the fatigue in the body urging the body to do more work.
  • Increase physical activity: A regular visit to the gym or to the nearby park can increase your physical activity further enhancing your lifestyle.
  • Limiting alcohol: Alcohol can increase raise your blood pressure when consumed in large amounts
  • Quit smoking: If you smoke, ask your doctor and your family member to help you quit the same.
  • Manage stress: Reduce stress as much as possible. Regular physical activity, yoga and plenty of sleep can help you achieve the same.
  • Periodic monitoring of blood pressure: Get help from your family member to check your blood pressure at home. There is a different compact instrument which can be used to check the same.
  • Precautions in pregnancy: Although there is no cure as such for chronic hypertension, it is always suggestive to be healthy during pregnancy. Taking proper care of you in the best possible way.

Medication and Treatment of Hypertension

  • Thiazide diuretics. Also called water pills, these are medications help you to eliminate sodium and water further reducing blood volume.

Thiazide diuretics are often the first, but not the only, choice in high blood pressure medications.

  • Beta blockers. This medication increases the workload on your heart and also manages abnormal heart rhythms. They protect the heart and open its blood vessels, causing your heart to beat slower with less force.
  • Calcium channel blockers. They help you to relax muscles of your blood vessels making the heart rate steady. Generally, the trend shows that calcium channel blockers work better for elderly people.
  • Renin inhibitors. Renin, an enzyme produced by your kidneys that starts a chain of chemical steps which in a result increases blood pressure.

If you have a high blood pressure then it is recommended to go for a combination of low dose medication as it will be effective in the long run, finding a good combination of drugs also helps you to control the blood pressure under all times.

But for the best result, it is always recommended to see a doctor on a regular basis as he/she can address the issues in a much broader sense and will also help you to be in your limits.

5 Best Foods For Winter - surgeryXchange


Feeling Too Cold in this winter season is normal for every human being and the metabolism of every human being is always boosted to get more foods but you should know which foods to consider and not for your knowledge we bring you the best yum food recipes that you can cook at home and be healthy at the same time. The purpose of this article is to provide knowledge that everyone needs to know that opting for heavy foods and gaining weight is not an option considering these foods makes you warm inside and you can stay in shape, now let us begin.

1. Coconut and Black Bean Stew.

This is a Latin American cuisine and very popular. Coconut and black beans combine the best nutrition you want. coconuts are good for your skin especially in these cold weather it fights inner cells of your skin as it acts as a moisturizer. coconut hydrates your skin and keeps always moisturized. Eating black beans is good for digestive system and regulates your sugar levels. black beans are slightly more partial towards men because it helps who have erectile dysfunction.

2. Ginger Curry Egg Drop Soup.

Gingers are always known for boosting immune systems so when it is combined with eggs then you will be getting additional strength from the eggs with pure protein. it is easy to prepare in the home with no time taken but make sure you are adding your chilies and peppers correctly.

3. Broccoli Cheddar Soup.

Broccoli is rich in vitamin K and C it is filled with folic acid and provides potassium and fibers. who have lungs related decreases for them it is beneficial because it fights against lung bacteria helps in keeping your lungs clean and when broccoli is combined with cheddar cheese then you are in a roller coaster of nutrition because that cheese contains loads of good fat and potassium.

4. Turkey Chili Soup.

Good news for non vegetarians after reading this blog you will be wondering when a non-vegetarian food will be introduced so here it is basically it is summer cuisine but it is necessary to have in this winter season for regular non-vegetarians most of the times you will be having chicken or mutton but for a change you can try turkey soup well the turkey is filled with B-6 and B-12 vitamins and also rich in selenium and zinc this food is more advised to be taken who have more physical exercise and it is easy to prepare in home.

5. Molten Chocolate Cake.

Last for sweet lovers well some say choco is good for the heart but anyone knows how it helps? here is the answer for you it actually lower downs the bad cholesterol and plays a major role is skipping the stroke-related decreases and boosts your heart function in other cases it fills your mood which everyone needs when they are low an added advantages last to remember it protects your skin too.

End Thoughts.

All the above food recipes you can find online we have not provided all the how to things hope you find this article
useful and happy holidays for this winter season.

Everyone will agree in exploring new places. The Advantages of exploring new places is you will get to know different cultures, do things you never done before, inheriting new cuisines to your lifestyle, getting to know new personalities their lifestyle and this gives you much happiness than what you have been always chasing down behind money and getting richer. exploring new places gives that living edge to your life which the money can’t give you. You can consider any kind of getaway like weekend short bike rides from your hectic workaholic schedules and you will be surprised that this can rock your world.

How? take a shot on this.

1. It’s phenomenal for your mental health

One of the vital reasons for getting away from it all is to de-stress. You can relax by a riverside lake or take in some fresh countryside air. Whatever it is, studies suggest it only takes a day or two to getaway from your stressful life.
Set a Goal for your exploring journey which makes it more exciting and gives a edge to your life and makes your more stronger.

2. You will do healthy eating.

Eating mono-type foods which will not help to your mood and learning new cuisines and eating it gives more benefit to your mental health and keeps you accumulated with cooking and learning. which balances your stress life.

3. Your immune system is boosted

Depending on the places you visit, travel can make your mental health stronger and makes your immune system stronger
the reason might sound silly but you have to be patient enough to do it. When your body is exposed to different conditions the body will response well and it will be prepared for a tough fortune.

4. Your self esteem will be high.

Completing your goal in a exploring journey will boost your self esteem. If you have limited yourself with certain boundaries and when your cross and achieve it then you might end up in gaining a better matured mental health which will come handy in your work life.

5. Learning a new language is good for your brain.

Learning new languages makes your lazy brain to think and improves to do multitask which will gives you the ability of decision making in your prime time and makes you more matured and it will help you handle small things in a ease.


Nuss Procedure Pectus Excavatum in India

Some people have a sunken chest. This is because the Sternum and Rib cage do not grow normally.

A surgical procedure used to correct this is called the Nuss Procedure. It is usually carried out by CardioThoracic Surgeons. More recently Plastic Surgeons seem to perform this surgery. Some times a Cardithoracic surgeon and a Plastic surgeon may do this together.

This is a Minimally invasive procedure originally used in children. It is now used in teens and Adults in thier twenties.

Nuss Procedure uses the technique of pushing in concave steel bars under the sternum. It is then flipped to push outward on the sternum. This corrects the deformity. The steel bars are left in there for a 2-5 years.

The patient will need another surgery to have the steel bars removed.

Nuss Procedure can be done in India and costs a lot lower compared to some other countries.